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Features & Benefits:

  • Train with us in our fully functional gym, or with our online training programs!
  • Fully cleaned and sanitised gym equipment after each private session.
  • FREE Nutritional Coaching with select plans.*
  • Zoom or Skype call consultation and support with select plans.*
  • Access to our Facebook group for Q&A with our fitness pros.
  • YouTube Channel of Exercises and Pro Fitness Tips.
  • Email Support

*Select plans include: Any In-person personal training and Online personal training.


Personal Training in Our Private Gym

Our fully equipped gym is located in the Auckland Northshore of Albany Heights. We will help you reach your fitness goals by tailor designing a workout program, and then train you in our gym. You choose how many days you wish to train with us in-person. We will also map our workouts for you to do on days you are not training with as. Also included with your program is nutritional coaching.

*To sign up for personal training in our gym
please contact us directly via email at:
or call us at 0212387059.

What our clients say about us…

“Before I started getting help from Rob and Michelle, I was very unfit and quite overweight, I wouldn’t go to a gym regularly as I wasn’t confident in the gym and didn’t want to embarrass myself in-front of others. Rob and Michelle gave me confidence with working out in the gym, helped me to take control of my eating habits and get into cooking my own food and most of all they helped me to lose weight and feel healthy for once. I highly recommend them as they are the answer to your struggles with weight and eating habits and make it seem easy and assist you with changing your lifestyle.” ~Aron Enstrom, New Zealand

If you are looking for excellent trainers then look no further than, ‘Ageless Fitness 100’ with Robert and Michelle Garza. When I was training for the 50k Oxfam they created a strength and endurance program for me. They are such positive, insiring people and I know they will design your workouts to suit your needs. I highly recommend them! “ ~Lee Kirkman, New Zealand

“I’ve tried personal trainers before and had hit and miss results, I was working out from home anyway and thought I was doing a good job but I was clearly wrong! Ageless Fitness 100 have excellent trainers to help change unhealthy habits that most of us develop when we’re working in demanding jobs. I’m chuffed to see the results over the past month and I’m more excited to see results from consistent training!” ~ Dan Humphrey, Auckland Northshore, NZ

“At the completion of my rehab I chose to work with Rob Garza with Ageless Fitness 100 to develop my strength training. Rob went well beyond the call of duty again, taking time to understand what this transition meant for me. He worked with my physio in his own time and took time to talk with me about the complex periodization of the training set by my running and swimming coaches. With Rob’s help I was able to strengthen my core specific for my downhill speed with cycling. This has been very empowering.”  ~ Dr. Alex Hart, Auckland, NZ

“Just wanted to say what a blessing it was to get a meal plan that continues to keep me in check by Michelle. As I got older these past few years, it was tougher for me to control my weight..and I tried everything I knew that worked before to no avail. After getting into communication with Michelle and her insightful depth of knowledge on nutrition. It really helped fat and weight-loss. One size doesn’t fit all, everyone needs an individual plan that is specific to your own body. Highly recommended.” ~ Jamilliah James

Michelle & Robert are wonderfull people both as personal trainers and nutritional coaches. I find the gym to be very welcoming, fun and friendly, I highly recommend Ageless Fitness 100.” ~ Luchelle Loretz

It’s only been 4 short weeks and what a transformation! Ten pounds down, clothes getting looser and it’s all thanks to you and your plan. Thank you so much for all your training and eating advice! This has been a great start to a long and healthy relationship! Love ya!” ~ Eva Marusak

Ageless Fitness 100, 15 Fishwicke Lane, Albany Heights, Auckland 0632